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Learn Details of OSRS Pest Control, Perdu & More Polled Changes

The latest Old School RS Poll Blog reveals some improvements which will be polled from April 12th. According to the plan, OSRS Pest Control may be adjusted with other minigame changes, and players may be able to pay Perdu OSRS for his service from their bank.

OSRS Pest Control & other minigame changes
Some changes to minigames are also planned to make. The Barbarian Assault may be updated and allow you to wear capes inside the Minigame. Additionally, OSRS Pest Control may be adjusted and let smaller games launch more often, which will not affect the maximum number of games in an hour.

Perdu OSRS & other interface improvements
Perdu is a dwarven merchant who returns reward items you have lost and repairs certain untradeable items for a price. Currently he can be found in Lumbridge, Catherby, Edgeville (inside the bank on PvP and Bounty Hunter worlds) and Falador. In order to improve the functionality of Perdu OSRS, the develop team plans to allow players to pay for Perdu’s services from their bank. It will work the same as Torfinn, which means you are able to get your items back with gold directly from your bank.

Automation added to Plank Make OSRS
Plank Make is a Lunar spell requiring level 84 Magic, and each cast converts one log to the plank equivalent and makes it a click-intensive process. According to the latest poll, automation may be added to the Lunar spell Plank Make OSRS, similar to the enchanting jewellery. After the first cast, the Plank Make will continue to be cast for the logs remainder in your inventory. Manually casting for each plank will still be the faster option as the automation will be slower, which avoids affecting XP rates and compensates for reducing the click intensity.